Blurs the edges between ambient, glitch and downtempo. But sooo’s all machine made and deeply complex yet celebrating the organic. Quite, quite delicious.

- Acid Ted Blog


“Residue” sounds like someone left a tape recorder in the corner of the porch of a beach resort clubhouse in the winter months and played a rickety piano nearby as the night time winds rush by.

- Queen City Sounds & Art


We’ve listened to it the first time about two weeks ago, and since then this has been a safe place of daily return...a flawless listening experience that makes us travel to another imaginary place, every single time we give it a go.

- Where the Music Meets


I love the aloof visions, the sounds that conjure up ambient illusions, the balance of heaviness and nuance, the badassery and gentle touches. I love everything about this.  

- Robb Donker Curtius / American Pancake


The song unfolds with story-like focus, Young injecting a narrative arc into his roaming and wild jams.

- No Transmission


There’s just something very captivating about the mystic and gloomy atmosphere it creates.

- Indie Tapes Blog


Get lost in the digital waves…

- The Predatory Wasp


...transcendent “sonic adventures” for the  quest  ad infinitum…

- Last Day Deaf


Fazendo uso de grooves de downtempo, texturas etéreas e atmosferas ambientais, "Deciduo" é um EP de 6 faixas comtemplativas.

- hominiscanidae